• What if I want to have a team of less than six? Can I? YES! Many teams will have for example four members, to make-up for the missing two runners two people will run twice.

  • Do we need to run in a certain order? NO! You can decide before the race or just wing it race day!

  • What do I get when I sign up as swag? You get a 26.2 CHALLENGE Beer stein, a beer ticket for for to fill said stein with Mayflower beer, awesome and affordable post-race food! (Menu will be in email after you sign-up)

  • Does this event sell out? YES! We have a limited number of runners we can host becuse of the parking lot we use so first come first serve!

  • So do I need to wait on a road somewhere for my teammate to come tag me to run? NO NO NO!! We are't one of those lonely marathon relays! We want you all to be cozy and happy while your team is out there giving it their all! We use an out-and-back style course, so you each get to enjoy the same beautiful course stocked with lots of signs and water!